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Labour pledges to scrap Lib Dem / Tory Gagging Act


Andrew Smith MP has welcomed the news that if elected, an incoming Labour Government would repeal the Gagging Act immediately after the 2015 election.

A future Labour Government is committed to working with the charities and campaigners that this Lib Dem / Tory Coalition Government ignored in order to ensure transparency and fairness when protecting free speech.

Andrew met Oxford campaigners against the Gagging Law to receive their petition calling on the Government to drop the anti-democratic provisions to its legislation. Andrew also read many letters and emails from constituents calling for the protection of their free voices, and made representations to the Government on their behalf many times.

Although the Bill did pass because of the Coalition Government whipping of its Lib Dem and Tory MPs, the strength of opposition was an impressive example of the free speech we should protect.

Andrew said: "I campaigned with local residents against the Gagging Law and voted against the Bill at every opportunity. With the public support to elect a Labour government we would be able to end these unjustified restrictions on free speech and campaigning."

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