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Andrew supports the Bee Cause campaign

NEWS_POST43.jpgAndrew Smith MP joined environmental campaigners in Oxford to promote the Bee Cause campaign.

Andrew joined activists at The Kidneys Nature Reserve off Iffley Road to scatter thousands of seeds to give the county's bee population a pollination boost.

The event, which was organised by Fiona Tavner, Campaign Leader of Oxford Friends of the Earth, aimed to promote the need for a national plan to help all bee species. This followed on from a United Nations report which evidenced a dramatic decline in the planet's bee population. 

The way we farm and use land has had a huge impact on bee populations in the last decade, and action is needed to prevent further decline and to revitalise bee populations. 

It is very much hoped that a Bee Action Plan will help farmers, gardeners and park keepers to reduce the use of chemicals that harm bees and ensure our towns and countryside provide bees with enough flowers to feed on and places to nest.

Andrew Smith said: "It's really important that we make more spaces available in our communities for bees and other pollinators to feed and flourish. Local action is vital, but to save our bees we now need a National Bee Action Plan."

Last month, environmentalists scored a decisive victory after the European Union voted for a ban on certain pesticides that have been widely attributed to declining numbers of bees. The ban was brought in spite of opposition to it in some EU countries, including the Tory-Lib Dem coalition. 

The ban on dangerous pesticides, however, is only part of the solution. The partial ban will not solve bee decline without further immediate action to deal with all its causes, including, for example, intensive farming and urban development.

"A healthy bee population is essential to our future food supply but they are also an important part of our national landscape," said Andrew. 

"Bees are under serious threat and I fully support the important work that is being done by Friends of the Earth to encourage a National Bee Action Plan to be adopted."

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