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Andrew visit the ACE Centre

NEWS_POST13.jpgThe ACE Centre which provides specialist support for people with acute communication difficulties.

The ACE Centre has provided communication support for vulnerable children and adults for more than thirty years, and has helped about 20,000 young people and adults with communication difficulties arising from disabilities or injuries. Andrew is a patron of the ACE centre and helped to secure the funding which helped to rescue it when it was threatened with closure in June last year.

During the visit Andrew met with service users and their families, and learnt about how the centre has helped them by providing them with the necessary tools and specialist equipment to enable them to better communicate.
"I was delighted that the ACE Centre could secure the money they needed to stay open, and it was wonderful to see them a year or so later settled in their new premises near Witney. The excellent work that the staff members do to provide support and communication aids for people with acute communication difficulties is invaluable and can be absolutely life changing for all those whose lives it affects.

"The ability to communicate is fundamental to a basic quality of life, yet for some people effective communication is very challenging, whether because of a physical impairment, language disorder or learning disability. Rapid advances in technology mean that many of them now have the ability to communicate which they would not otherwise have. It was very heartening to hear services users and their families describe the 'light bulb' moment when they realised they were finally able to communicate with their loved ones."

More information about the ACE Centre and its work is available by clicking here.

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