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Andrew meets Oxford Youth MPs

NEWS_POST33.jpgAndrew Smith MP met with Naiha Masih and Alice Walker, Oxford's Youth MPs.

They discussed their ongoing campaigns in support of young people in Oxford. Naiha and Alice are currently involved in four campaigns on a range of issues, from benches in their local park to mental health.

Andrew said, "I applaud the work the Youth Parliament are doing to raise awareness about issues and to improve the quality of life and prospects for young people today and for future generations."

The campaigns being run by the Youth Parliament in Oxfordshire are as follows:-

1. Free Your Mind: Helping young people with mental health

1 in 10 young people currently suffer with a mental disorder, and suicide accounts for 20% of deaths amongst 15-24 year olds. The Free Your Mind campaign aims to help young people with mental health problems and to raise awareness about the issue amongst young people. The campaign is well under way and has already secured £3000 in funding, that will go towards producing a website and mobile phone app to raise awareness and provide information for individuals who may be affected.

2. Dryspace: Giving young people somewhere dry to meet their friends

Dryspace aims to give young people somewhere dry and safe to meet with friends in the centre of Oxford. The project is in its early stages, but Youth Parliament representatives are in the process of developing designs for benches, and are working with the council to discuss possible locations.

3. Apprenticeships: Getting educated on apprenticeships

The apprenticeships campaign aims to improve links between schools and local firms offering apprenticeships and to encourage more positive attitudes towards technical education and the opportunities that apprenticeships can provide.

4. Curriculum for Life (National Campaign): Reviewing Citizenship Education and PSHE

The goal of the campaign is to demand a youth led review of citizenship and PSHE education, with a view to including more coverage in the curriculum on sex and relationships education, cultural awareness, community cohesion, finance skills, sustainable living, political education, and a citizenship education test.

To find out more about the work the Youth Parliament are currently doing, or to get involved, click here

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