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Andrew condemns catastrophic health policy

DTB11.jpgAndrew Smith MP voted against the coalition's controversial Health and Social Care Bill.

The Tories won Tuesday's vote, but only with the help of their Lib Dem allies. Earlier in the week Lib Dem party members voted against the bill at their spring conference, but Nick Clegg and his colleagues in Parliament ignored their party members, as well as health experts, and voted for this costly and unnecessary reorganisation.

This bill, which is opposed by thousands of doctors, nurses and patients, will cost billions and do nothing to improve frontline patient care. Meanwhile, the number of NHS nurses has fallen by over 3,000 since the general election and the total fall in nurses could be at least 6,000 by the end of this Parliament.

Instead of wasting all this money on a damaging and unnecessary NHS reorganisation, Labour would put patients first and protect the 6,000 nursing jobs set to be cut by 2015.

Andrew said: "People in Oxford care passionately about their NHS and they want to see it protected.

"Patients who depend on the NHS, and the staff who have devoted their lives to it, don't want an expensive, dangerous and unnecessary reorganisation. They want to see nurses' jobs protected and for the needs of patients to be put first.

"The Government's first priority should be to protect the frontline of the NHS. Instead we have a government blowing a vast amount of money on a damaging top-down reorganisation that will do nothing for patient care, and all whilst cutting thousands of nurses with more than 3,000 already gone."

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