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Andrew commends Living Wage Week in Oxford


A ‘living wage’ is higher than the national minimum wage, calculated based on the cost of living in a specific area of the country to reflect the real costs of housing and living.

Andrew congratulated Oxford City Council on reaching its fifth year as a payer of the Living Wage to its employees and contractors working for the Council. In 2012, the Living Wage Foundation formally approved the City Council as the first ever Living Wage Council in the country, and this year, has shortlisted the City Council for the Living Wage Champion 2014 award for the South East of England.

Andrew said, “I welcome the news that sixty City Council staff have benefited directly from the Living Wage, and a further thirty employed in agency work, over the last five years.

“With the City Council requiring contractors to pay this minimum wage level, there are many contracts worth many millions of pounds which help to tackle poverty in Oxford."

“Paying the living wage has a vital role in the fight against poverty. People are struggling to pay their bills because of low pay and high costs, meaning the living wage has a long-term place in our effort to ensure people have enough money in their pockets to meet their costs.”

This week, Andrew spoke in a Commons debate that he had called on the desperate need for Government to enforce the minimum wage and promote a living wage for care workers.

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