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Andrew celebrates 65th birthday of our NHS

NEWS_POST31.jpgToday marked the 65th anniversary of the founding of the NHS.

Andrew Smith MP said, "The Labour Party created the NHS in 1948, and it is one of our proudest achievements. Its 65th birthday is an opportunity to celebrate, but if we're going to commemorate further milestones then we need to make sure our NHS is strengthened and protected for the future."

The NHS today is suffering from an A&E crisis which is why Andrew is asking people in Oxford to visit and join Labour's campaign calling on David Cameron to keep his promise to protect our health service. 

Here in Oxford, staffing shortages have left the JR Hospital overstretched, with experts warning that services across the country could fail by the winter if urgent action isn't taken. Across the country, we have already lost over 4000 nurses since David Cameron became Prime Minster in 2010 and these cuts are making it harder to maintain the services that local people rely on.

Andrew added: "I've spoken to both patients and health workers in Oxford and they've all told me they are worried about the future of the NHS. I know first-hand how amazing our NHS is but it needs protecting so that future generations are able to benefit from our incredible health service. 
Which is why I'm asking people to join our campaign and send a message to David Cameron that our health service doesn't deserve his broken promises."

To sign up to the campaign, visit

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