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Andrew backs the Hunting Ban


Andrew Smith MP backs calls for the coalition government to leave the Hunting Ban in place.

The Lib Dem / Tory coalition government are trying to bring back fox hunting through the back door. The proposal to allow up to forty dogs, not two dogs as it currently stands, to flush foxes out of scrubland to be shot will make enforcement of the Hunting Act impossible.

Andrew is one of the large majority of people who believes that hunting is cruel and unacceptable. A poll in December 2013 found that 80 per cent. of public opinion support the last Labour Government's ban and do not want to see dogs and hunters scrambling to chase terrified foxes again.

Andrew said: "I voted for the ban on fox hunting in 2004 and am proud of Labour's record on animal welfare, which includes complete opposition to badger culling. In any vote to relax the ban on fox hunting, I will oppose the coalition and vote to protect animal welfare."

Vote in Andrew's poll on the Hunting Ban below:

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